• Safe

    Technique made by Detloff enhanced the safety of safes
    Detloff is open and flexible when choosing the materials and procedures. Therefore, we will find the best solution for you. Even safe producers bet on our composite armour plate.

  • Bridge

    Detloff combines the imaginable with what is actually feasible – by using customised solutions in the protection against wear
    Wearing parts made by Detloff quickly advanced the construction of the longest suspension bridge in Europe.
    The Storebæltsbroen spans the Great Belt between Eastern and Western Denmark.

  • Tower

    Building higher buildings by using the protection against wear made by Detloff
    Detloff provided the protection against wear when constructing the Exhibition Tower in Frankfurt, which was the greatest building in Europe in those days. Thanks to our expertise, the construction machines persisted for a longer time.

Customised Solutions for the Protection against Wear

Since 1987, the name Detloff stands for art of Swabian engineering in the protection against wear. We develop customised products made of wear-resistant materials for our customers worldwide. Our formula for success: First of all we analyse your requirements. Optimum solutions often arise in the design stage. This would reduce the cost and increase the quality. Are you searching for a solution to protect your plant or machine parts? Our experienced team will be pleased to advise you. Contact Detloff: Contact


Do not limit yourself with a small range of materials by being with only one provider. At Detloff the state of the art indicates the direction. We can find the ideal material for any of your tasks in the protection against wear. And therefore would be able to develop the best solution. Please find an extract of our wide range of products:
• Ceramics
• Hard metals
• Plastic materials
• Casting
• Bonded blank


Be sure. Bet on the performance power of Detloff, your competent partner in the protection against wear. We produce machine and plant parts, individually or in series. Please find below an extract of our comprehensive range of services:
• Optimisation of products to protect them against wear after having analysed the actual state
• Soldering of hard metals to protect the surface
• Deposition welding
• Metal spraying
• Gluing of ceramics
• Coating with polymer ceramics
• Coating with carbides

New and Exciting Ideas

CC Surfaces
Carbide Coated stands for highest protection of components against abrasion and corrosion. Which advantages do CC surfaces offer? Please read our info sheet ”The long durable protection against wear for components.”


Individually applied protection against wear for machine or plant parts has a long-standing tradition at Detloff. We also deliver standardised spare parts, for instance for concrete and asphalt mixers. Please find below a few examples of our range of products:
• Bonded blanks (armour plates, bonded armour plates)
• Casting (wear-resistant, non-corrosive, heat-resistant)
• Surface protection
• Hard metals
• Ceramics (aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, polymer ceramics)
• Polyurethane

Spare Parts

Save costs by using spare parts made by Detloff. You would be able to maximise the service life and avoid expensive production losses. We use casting, ASS bonded blanks, ceramics, hard metal and other materials of our comprehensive range of products. Please find below a few application examples for asphalt and concrete mixers:
• Linings for floors and walls
• Buckets
• Scrapers
• Dischargers


When in cooperation, the best solutions can be generated.
Please inform us about your requirements. We are looking forward to your email. We will be glad to conduct a first consultation with you without any binding obligations.

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Detloff stops the wear

With Detloff you have encountered an experienced and versatile partner of wear protection. For more than thirty years we amaze with tailored custom-made solutions. If our customers develop new products, they would immediately contact us in case they have any questions regarding wear protection. With our experience and knowledge, we are also able to solve complicated tasks. Our service goes far beyond the subsequently applied wear protection for individual components. By providing individual solutions, we optimize your products and therefore reduce wear & tear.
Our advantage: With a comprehensive range of materials, Detloff could respond to your needs with great flexibility. We protect your machine and plant parts among others by using ceramics and polymer ceramics, ceramics, carbides (CC) or other hard metals as well as plastic materials or casts. Our procedures are also versatile: Welding, metal spraying, soldering of hard metals, cladding with ceramics (Al2O3), coating with polymer ceramics (EPO-SiC) or sintering of carbides (CC).
On this technical basis, we produce bonded blanks (armour plates), parts made of chromium, chromium nickel chilled casting and other cast alloys made of hard metal, ceramics (aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, polymer ceramics) or polyurethane.
Wear due to abrasion and corrosion causes high costs: New machine and plant parts have to be procured and old ones need to be replaced. If downtimes occur, a real wave of cost will be triggered. Our wear protection saves you such expensive downtimes. Detloff products reduce the costs in steel works, smelting works and coal-fired power plants, in the chemical industry, agriculture, timber industry, building construction and civil engineering, in the recycling as well as in the glass industry. Other applications are the brick production as well as the extraction and preparation of mineral materials.
Detloff is a Swabian family company. Our headquarters are in Rechberghausen near Göppingen. A second location is in Hattstatt near Colmar in France. In the field of service and sales also a partner in Hungary is supporting us. We will be looking forward to impress you with our products and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us: Contact